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My method is that I don't have a method. In practice, I've tried dozens of techniques … and none of them works 100%. I don't teach you what you can read in books. I have my own approach combining various methods from psychology, coaching, marketing, branding, and psychotherapy.


I have been dealing with brands and advertising for more than 15 years,
which means hundreds of projects, presentations, satisfied clients, trainings, and workshops. I love creative work, new projects, and innovations. And my most recent passion has become inspiring others to do the same; amateurs, beginners, and also colleagues from the same branch.
I follow a vision in which a good product sells easily, where nothing ventured means nothing gained and where we ourselves are responsible for our own fates, which some might consider naïve.

Also, I come from Brno, Czech Republic, and in 3 years I will turn 40.